Cabin Information | South Core Banks (Great Island)

Cabin lodging areas are located at Great Island on South Core Banks, opposite the town of Davis. These rustic cabins provide and alternative to camping and are reachable by CALO Cabins, Camps & Ferry located in Davis, NC

Cabin rentals/reservations are controlled by and made with the National Park Service :: See Contact Info Below

There are approximately 32 cabins available that sleep from 4 to 12 people bunk-bed style. Some cabins have screened porches. Cabins are wired for generators (provided by the visitor), and have gas hot water heaters, private bathrooms, tables, chairs, kitchen with cabinets, and propane cook stove with oven.

There are no refrigerators. You will need a cooler for keeping any food cold. Ice is provided by Ferry Service and the Park Service. Customers must provide their own pots and pans, cooking utensils, bed linens, drinking water, dishes and ice chest.

Before checking out, customer is expected to clean the sink and table, remove trash and sweep the cabin. Pets are allowed in cabins and must be on a leash for safety purposes.

Make Reservations Online

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  • For those without web access, please call 1-877-444-6777 to make your reservation.

Cabin Information Numbers

South Core Banks (Great Island) Cabins: 252-728-0942

Information hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Great Island Cabin Details | South Core Banks

There are twenty-one (21) individual, rustic cabins that vary in age and condition. Cabins sleep from four to twelve persons in bunk-bed style. Some cabins have screened porches. Most are wired for generator use. Visitors supply their own generator. Each cabin has a hot water heater, table, chairs, and a kitchen with cabinets, propane oven/stove combination and a private bath. Visitors need to provide their own linens, bedding and cookware.

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Great Island Cabin Photos | South Core Banks

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Cabin Policies

Visitors who are renting one of the cabins may keep their pet in the cabin as long as the pet is kept in a crate. Pets may also be kept tied up on the cabin porch, provided they are not left unattended.

Pets are not allowed inside any other buildings in the park.


Phone (Information Only): 252-728-0942